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When you go out, you deserve to be treated like the VIP you are. That’s exactly why Oxford Social Club offers its signature Bottle Service. With this luxury service, you’ll have your own mini bar setup and personal service in your own reserved space, allowing you to relax and soak in the surroundings in style.

What is Bottle Service?

Simply put, Bottle Service is the ultimate VIP service you can enjoy at Oxford Social Club.

When you make a Bottle Service reservation, the perks begin before you even walk in the door. The service will gain you the quickest possible entry into the venue for you and your group, without waiting in line.

Once inside, you’ll be taken to your own private table with a surrounding area where you can sit, dance, and socialize. No waiting at the bar for you: you’ll have your own waitstaff, bussers, and security staff.

By purchasing bottle service, your entire group’s entry to the club is comped, so that you can focus your purchasing power on the bottles of your choice.

Additionally, Bottle Service can be customized to suit your specific evening out. For instance, if you are having a bachelorette or birthday party, Oxford’s team can create signs, sparklers, or decor perfectly suited to the celebration.

Benefits of Bottle Service

Here are some of the reasons why Bottle Service is so great:

Your own space: Having your own space ensures that you can enjoy the club in a comfortable space and focus on having fun.

Meet new people: When you have your own private area, clubgoers will take notice. Your group will attain elite status, and everyone’s going to want to meet you!

Prime real estate: You’ll enjoy some of the best views of the DJs and live performances, with drinks being delivered all the while!

No waiting at the bar: You won’t need to get up and go to the bar for drinks; your server will make sure your glass is never empty.

Mix and match: Your bottle service also includes mixers of your choice at no extra charge, including juices and sodas, so you can enjoy a variety of mixed drinks.

Security: Your own private security staff ensures that only the people you want are allowed in your area.
Comped entry for your group: By purchasing Bottle Service, your group gains entry to the club at no cost.

How much does bottle service cost?

Bottle service at The Oxford Social Club comes with minimum spend requirements that vary depending on the day of the week. THe prices may change based on other factors such as holidays or special events. For the most accurate and up to date pricing, If you are ready to reserve a table, or have more questions, feel free to contact our VIP hosts.

Where will my table be located?

The location of your table relies on your intended spend for the evening, the size of your table, the event schedule for the evening. To get the best location possible, make your reservation early! Events commonly sell out and tables become unavailable.

Do I need to order an entire bottle?

Yes. Typically, groups will order one bottle per four people. This includes mixers so that you can make a variety of different types of drinks.

Does Bottle Service require a group?

Yes. Bottle Service is meant for the entire table, not just a portion of the group. Often, Bottle Service actually results in overall savings, because you are buying the entire bottle rather than ordering drinks individually.

Is Bottle Service different from Table Service?

Yes. “Table Service” is what you might experience at a restaurant, wherein a server takes your order and then brings you food and/or drinks. With Bottle Service, the service is a little more comprehensive. A space and staff is specifically dedicated to you for the evening, and you never have to flag them down.

Ready to make a reservation?

If you’re ready to enjoy Oxford Social Club in style, make a reservation for Bottle Service today by contacting our VIP hosts.

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