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What Is Nightclub Bottle Service?

Bottle service, or table service, is the ultimate VIP experience at Oxford Social Club in San Diego. The service includes the quickest entry into the venue for you and your entire group, your own private table with area to sit, dance, and socialize, and your own waitress, busser, and security staff. Your purchase of bottle service comps your entire group’s entry into the club, and your entire spend goes toward the bottles of your choice. Table service often includes bottle presentations with sparklers and signs, and is dependent on what you have decided to spend. If you want to get noticed, or have comfortable real estate inside the club, bottle service is the way to go.

Why Bottle Service Is More Fun

Having a table just makes the party that much more fun, and that much more comfortable. Plus, you’re going to be the center of attention. Having a table gives you and your friends room to enjoy the night, and makes it easier and enticing to meet new people. You will also have the best views of the DJs and live performances with a full staff serving you drinks and keeping your area clean and uncluttered. You won’t have to run to the bar for drinks, and will have a waitress there to make sure your glass is never empty. Security ensures only the people you want are allowed in your area. If you are a group of men it’s also good to know that girls are looking for a table to hang out and socialize at, so this gives you prime real estate.

How Much Is Bottle Service?

Bottle service at The Oxford Social Club does come with minimum spend requirements that vary depending on the day of the week. Minimums are the required spend a group needs to meet in order to purchase a table. You can see the bottle prices in our menu above, and know that all of your spend goes toward the bottles. Bottle service minimums start at $500 on Thursdays, $1,000 on Fridays, and $1,500 on Saturdays. Be aware that the pricing does not include 7.5% tax and 22% service charge, and for holidays and special events minimums may increase. If you are ready to reserve a table, or have more questions, feel free to contact our VIP hosts.

Where Will My Table Be Located?

Table location is reliant on your intended spend for the night. Tables closest to all the action are more expensive than ones along the side of the venue. Larger tables are also more expensive than smaller ones. Your bottle service also includes mixers of your choice at no extra charge which include juice and sodas. Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve your table. Events commonly sell out and tables become unavailable.

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