Anti-Valentine’s Day in San Diego : Oxford Social Club

Anti-Valentine’s Day in San Diego : Oxford Social Club

Come Celebrate The Best Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Ever at Oxford

Now that it is February, that means that the world’s most polarizing holiday is right around the corner. Enter: Anti-Valentine’s Day

Whether you love Valentine’s Day, or love to hate Valentine’s Day, there is no arguing that this holidays is going to be here whether you like it or not. While some people have plans filled with fancy dinners, grocery store flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocolate on February 14th—here at Oxford, we aren’t really into that scene.

This is why we are throwing our very own Anti-Valentine’s Day party, right here at Oxford Social Club. Chances are you know that Oxford has a reputation for throwing some of the best parties in the city—and this one is going to be no exception to that rule. We are going to be throwing a Valentine’s Day party that is unlike any other you have seen before.

You can expect a night of fun, drinks and plenty of partying that is all about enjoying being free and single on Valentine’s Day, and having a great time. Plus, we are going to be inviting 50 industry ladies as special guests to this event with black roses. Be on the lookout to see which industry influencers are coming to our Anti-Valentine’s Day party with our black rose invites—you know they are going to be all over social media.

Don’t forget our No Strings Attached Anti-Valentine’s Day party is one night only—Thursday February, 14th. We promise there is no more fun party in all of San Diego. We can’t wait to see you there, to celebrates anti-Valentine’s Day in style.